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World aids day music donation

Today is World Aids Day, and I am donating my song ”My love is going to die” in support of Noaks Ark (a Swedish hiv/aids-organization).

I have many friends who live with hiv – so do many of us. There is still a stigma about HIV that stops people from telling others about that they have it, or even getting tested. Despite what many seem to think, today more people than ever are infected by hiv, and most people with hiv are and have always been heterosexuals.

I have lived with a partner who lives with hiv. He is fortunately still alive – but not all are that lucky. I have lost friends to this disease. Infected people react differently on the treatments, or not at all.

To support Noaks Ark is my way of honouring the friends I have lost, and at the same time both help friends living with the infection and to help spreading awareness and knowledge.

I composed ”My love is going to die” in 1992. It tells the story of how a lover got to know that his partner had hiv, and he has just been to his partners funeral when he makes a revelation by singing this song. It was recorded live with Robert Engstrand at the piano.


All you need to do to donate and get the song is to follow these two easy steps:



1. Click here to donate any amount of your own choice (the full proceeds will go to Noaks Ark):



2. Click HERE to download the THOMAZ song ”My love is going to die”!



Your support is much appreciated.



Welcome to contact me at for further info.

Read more about Noaks Ark at their homepage.



Brand new song released!

25/6 2014: I have contributed with a song to the CD ”Har du cancer?” (Do you have cancer?), with exclusive tracks by Swedish and Danish artists. All proceeds from this LIMITED EDITION album will go to Cancerfonden (The Swedish Cancer foundation).

My contribution is my composition ”YOU DON’T CARE THAT IT HURTS”, where I am accompanied by the talented musician Mattias Lennartsson. It is possibly the poppiest and catchiest song I have released so far!

The record can be bought worldwide only by writing a message to the Facebook page for it.

Both my mother and her father died of cancer. Some other relatives as well have fought cancer, and this spring my friend and collaborator Kevin Williams died in Leukemia at the age of 41.
We might still lose people along the way, but we need to keep searching for a cure, and help both the ones that battle with cancer and the people around them the best we can.
To buy this record is one of many ways to make a contribution to this good cause.

I am thankful for getting to contribute by being on the record, and I am thankful to everyone who supports it. As Kevin wrote on his profile before he died: Fuck cancer!


A new video!

5/5 2014: On this day, exactly 30 years after Maribelle performed this sad ballad for The Netherlands in the Eurovision Song Contest, Thomaz releases this video to his cover of her song from his ”Nobody’s Child” album – as a celebration!
-I have always loved this song since I heard it as a child and didn’t understand any Dutch, says Thomaz. I always remembered the melody and hummed it for years. I had the honour to meet Maribelle herself only a few weeks ago, and she said she really liked that I had covered her song. Once after a gig in Leiden, a man came up to me and said it was the first time he had heard someone sing this song like he really meant every word – quite a compliment as Dutch is not my first language!

Check out Thomaz’ ”Ik Hou Van Jou” below, filmed in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

”THOMAZ – Ik Hou Van Jou – official video



Music donation


Update to the text below: Unfortunately my friend Kevin lost his battle against leukemia on April 17th. A memorial for him was held in Hagakyrkan in Göteborg, Sweden, May 2nd. All future proceeds for our song will from now on go to the aid of his family. Thankyou for all your support. The last thing I heard from Kevin was how much he appreciated everybody’s support. Thankyou fro the deepest of my heart/Thomaz.

My musical collaborator Kevin Williams is fighting a battle against leukemia, and to help him I am in collaboration with my record company (Thundering Refrigerator) pushing our song ”So Sorry, I Said”, where Kevin made the hellish background voices and on which our mutual friends are performing the music, to support his case.

The full profits from this song will go to help Kevins american mother to be able to stay by his side in Sweden, and to support the Swedish bone marrow transplant register, Tobiasregistret.


All you need to do to donate and get our song is to follow the 2 easy steps below – and remember that you may also save many other peoples lives by registering with your local transplant register!





1. Click here to donate any amount of your own choice:



2. Click HERE to download the THOMAZ song So Sorry, I Said!




Your support is much appreciated.



Welcome to contact me at for further  info.



For more info about Kevins case or how to become a bone marrow donor, click here.








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