Thomaz, born in Skanör
(Sweden) is a Swedish artist and author currently working from The Netherlands. Through the years, he has worked within theatre and music with a wide width (from musical to electro) in collaborations with people such as Marco Manieri (Cardigans, The Ark, Marit Bergman), Kristian Anttila, Robert Engstrand (Liberator, Turisas), Almar David (A D & The Icons) and Scottish Simon Bloomfield from Rezillos.

On stage he has among other projects been
involved in the musical Elvira Madigan (1992) at Malmö Stadsteater, in Studioteaterns musical Cabaret (1993–1995), The Bonateaterns Trettondagsafton (Shakespeare’s ”Twelfth Night”, 1997), the horror play Murder (2004) and in Darling Desperados´ Hollyroodfruar at Fakiren in Malmö and at Stockholms Stadsteater. The longest acting engagement was as living ghost in the ghost house, Spökhuset, at the tivoli Gröna Lund between 1999 – 2004.

On film he has been seen
in Bo Widerbergs Lust Och Fägring Stor (nominated for an Oscar as ”best foreign film” under the title ”All Things Fair”) and in the cult movies Kraftverk 3714 and Farligt Förflutet. On TV he has been seen in, among other productions, Det Grovmaskiga Nätet and Ben & Gunnar.

Thomaz has been seen
singing on Swedish TV4 and TV Motala performing songs made famous by schlager-singer Lill-Babs in unusual versions.

In September 2006 he released
an unusual version of the Melodifestivalen song ”Stjärna På Himmelen” (Swedish for ”Star In Heaven”) as a single, which ended up nr 1 at´s votinglist in 2006 and nr 8 at the gay magazine QX´s popularity list in 2006.

In November 2006 Thomaz released
his first solo album ”If I Ever Die” with songs dealing with the subject of death seen from various angles, spanning between grave seriousness and gallows humor. The song ”I See A Shadow (Not A Fantasy)” was acknowledged by the Nöjesguiden magazine.

A song in his native language Swedish
is included on all of his records, and he usually sings a song in Swedish at every concert, no matter which country he sings in, which is very appreciated. As of January 2013, Thomas has performed in Sweden, Poland, The Netherlands, Iceland, United Kingdom and Denmark.

On the 2012 album ”Nobody´s Child”
, which has loneliness as theme, Thomaz sings in English and Dutch, and on the physical release a hidden song in Swedish. The sleeve picture was taken outside his hometown Skanör in Skåne. On the record he is once again collaborating with Scottish Simon Bloomfield (ex-Rezillos), Swedish Marco Manieri and performing a duet with Swedish pop star Kristian Anttila. The official release of the album was held at the renowned stage of Royal Vauxhall Tavern in London, UK, in April 2012.

August 17, 2012 Thomaz represented Sweden
in the Copenhagen Pride alternative music competition ”Pride Melodi Grand Prix” at Rådhuspladsen, Copenhagen, Denmark with the Östen Warnerbring-song ”Som En Dröm” and ended up shared 5th.

Thomaz is also one of the models
in photographer Elisabeth Ohlson-Wallins famous exhibition ”Ecce homo” (1998) and has also modelled for a nationwide campaign for rising awareness of hiv in Sweden in 2010 – and has released songs about the subject.

His music is characterized
by a strong theatrical feeling.

His mothers father
was the painter Carl-Eric Lindbergh.

On his mothers side
he is related to Charles Lindbergh.


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